The Essence of Life Drawing

New Class Announcement
The Essence of Life Drawing (4 weeks)

At Frogmore Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead.
Thursday 24th Oct - Thursday 14th November. 7-10pm

Life Drawing is exciting but it can also be intimidating! If we have a process that’s repeatable we can communicate in a more deliberate way.
Over four weeks we'll look at the different stages for developing a solid drawing process through a variety of techniques, lectures and demos. We will look at and develop our sense for Observation, Gesture, Design Language, Composition and how Light and Shadow can be used to bring drama to our work.
This will include drawing time with a model as we explore these ideas.
This class is open to artists of all levels.
For more info and to reserve a spot please contact;
or call: 01442 234600


Richard Smitheman, Instructor; Richard has worked in the film and animation Industry for over twenty five years specialising in Feature and Television production. During this time Richard has worked at some of the most prominent studios in the industry including Dreamworks, Disney, Warner Bros and the Jim Henson Company. Most recently Richard worked on Netflix’s first Animated feature ‘KLAUS’ at Sergio Pablos Animation in Madrid.