From Universities & Colleges with Fine Art programs to Film, Animation & Game Studios we present Workshops and Masterclasses that can be tailored to your facilities particular requirements. We work to bring an engaging and rich experience to the participants in groups both large and small.  

We can provide everything you need for;

Richard working with CG Artists at The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood. 2013

Richard working with CG Artists at The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood. 2013

  • One & Two day Workshops/Masterclasses

  • 2/3 Hour classes (one off, or on a continuing basis)

  • Lecture/Demos

  • Consultancy for Feature and Game development

Universities & Colleges 

Whether a one off workshop or an ongoing engagement we offer excellent tuition for Fine Art programs that want to take their drawing skills to the next level and understand the process of the great masters of the renaissance tradition. 

Film, Animation & Game Studios

We have a practical program to work in conjunction with existing creative development programs or can help create a syllabus to bring production artists the additional skills they need to be working at the very highest levels required for the fast pace of production. For CG Artists from designers to modellers & riggers we learn how understanding each others roles and requirements to make the process more seamless and productive.


Class Structure

  • Gesture: The importance of, and different types of gesture, how to tell a story with our drawings and how aspects like body language and composition play a part in the story telling process.

  • Developing a solid drawing process: From a gesture through to the final drawing we’ll discuss a process to get consistent results when drawing from imagination or from life for Character Design and Animation. This will include looking at design language, transitional forms and foreshortening.

  • Articulation and Anatomy in Design: Understanding these concepts will help greatly at the Character design stage as we consider the entire process and how our decisions at this stage will effect modelling, rigging and animation.

  • Drawing from our imagination; Bringing it all together, we’ll look at how the principles we’ve explored can be applied in a practical and systematic way. This will include drawing time with the model as we explore these ideas.

With the weekly classes we typically have two lectures during the course of each class. One specific to Anatomy, the second discussing a specific topic for the drawing development process. 

Both the one off masterclasses and the ongoing structured syllabus can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your institution.

Corporate Events

If you want to bring something truly unique to your next company event we offer two & three hours instructed Life Drawing workshops. From casual beginners to experienced artists, everyone will learn something at these fascinating events. 

Speaking at The Animation Symposium in Dublin, Ireland 2017

Speaking at The Animation Symposium in Dublin, Ireland 2017

Clients Include


Recent events

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For notifications about future classes & events please sign up below

Student Testimonials

“Rarely has my progress in figure drawing been so rapid.  Richard Smitheman is a master of anatomy and I consider myself very lucky to have found his course.  He's taught me more in five sessions than I've learnt on my own in the last five years.  The method he uses is sound and enables the artist to bring the figure to life.  His advice is constructive, his demonstrations clear and his encouragement is genuine.  I would recommend his teaching to anyone with a serious interest in pushing their skills further.”

Andrew S

"Last night I completed the final class (of six) tutored by Richard. Richard's approach to this subject is quite unique and moves you away from slavish copying of the model, to having enough understanding of the body in front of you to bring your own creativity and expression to the process. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and a fabulous, generous tutor. The tools I have been given are utterly invaluable to me and will inform my art going forward. I can't recommend these classes strongly enough, especially if you are interested in figurative art."

Jane C

"The course, and Richard's teaching, has subtly changed how I see. Every session had quietly revelatory moments in them. I am amazed I got this far down the life drawing path without knowing some of this stuff. 100% recommend." 

Keith S

"I have been life drawing regularly for over 20 years and in that time only had one brief period of instruction when I took evening classes at a local art school. Richard's teaching and the system of drawing he practices has been a revelation me. In the space of just two months my drawing has become more assured and more interesting to look at. I am now beginning to draw the figure based not just on what I see in front of me, but on what I know to be there inside the body and what will be pleasing to the viewer. I am also learning to use initial "gestures" to get my drawings to tell a "story" - two concepts that were completely new to me, but which have improved my output hugely.

As well as being a practitioner of the highest order, Richard is also a true evangelist for his system of drawing. His enthusiasm is apparent at every interaction; he really wants your drawings to be as good as you want them to be - if not better - and knows exactly how to tease the necessary improvement out of you. No matter what level you are currently drawing at you cannot fail to improve under Richard's tutelage.

I have really loved the course and will be signing up to future courses.”

Nick C

“I am enjoying the classes immensely. The quality of models has been very high. The system you have taught has simplified the complex matter of figure drawing greatly, enabling me to see the wood from the trees! That's not to say that the course isn't challenging; concentration level is at 100% for the full three hours (time which passes far too quickly!). As a welcome bonus, your method has made me loosen my style which is something I hope to carry into other art projects. Thanks for sharing your skills Richard.”

Jess P

"Would just like to express my appreciation of your recently completed 10 week course at Frogmore Mill that I attended. I learnt more on that course than I have in all the life drawing classes I have attended in the past 3 years. You have given me a logical framework to use in my future attempts to draw the human form."

Lewis F

"The past couple of days surpassed my hopes and were not only thoroughly enjoyable, but the mix of information, demonstration and challenges were both well considered and engaging. I have learnt and developed far more than I thought possible in a short space of time and taken with me much food for thought, elements to practice and an interest in areas of knowledge in which I have suddenly discovered I have very sparse knowledge.
I will be back..."

Davina B

"I have just finished Richard's figure drawing class and I could not be happier with the result I achieved. I am not a figurative artist,  but I have always been fascinated by art and drawing. The class has been for me a complete new experience and a mind-sharpening process that has helped me to develop my skills and awareness.

Richard is a very talented artist and a generous teacher. He is passionate and he has a very personal and effective approach to teaching human figure drawing. He focuses his class around few central concepts like gesture, mass, line, structure, anatomy and volume and he helps his students to understand how to use these elements in order to make creative, expressive and inspired drawing. This is an amazing drawing class and I would recommend it to either artists or anyone who is interested in learning the drawing process.

Grazie mille Richard!"

Frederica D