Character Design Workshop


So this should be a bit of fun! Over the three hours we're going to look at Character Design and how we can create compelling characters for Animation, Comics and Children's Books. During the course of the workshop there will be demo's as well as exercises as we look at how to bring personality to the characters we create. This fun and accessible workshop is open to both adults and children, ages 8 and up.
 £20 per person. Booking is essential and can be done at Frogmore Paper Mills website at

Life Drawing bootcamp starts tomorrow!

This three week bootcamp will help bring your Life Drawing to the next level. Over the 3 weeks we'll look at the different stages for developing solid drawing habits through a variety of techniques, lectures and demos whilst drawing from the model. We’ll discuss design language, transitional forms, foreshortening and a variety of topics that will help develop our drawing. For more information and to enrol please go to