Art Director . Visual Development Artist . Consultant . Educator

Blue Zoo Animation Studio’s 2018 - Visual Development on upcoming project.

Norlum Animation 2018 - Art Direction & Visual Development for pre-production on Feature project. 

Inter American Development Bank  2016-2017

Art Director - Consultancy - Working in conjunction with the Inter American Development Bank to bolster animation production in the Caribbean under the Compete Caribbean initiative. Working with three startup Animation Studios in the region, helping develop world class creative practices and processes to bring them to the global market. This includes training artists in all facets of animation production and helping to create creative and technical pipelines to best deliver to a global market. 

Koltai & Co  March 2016 - June 2016

Animation Consultant - Animation consultant for the Compete Caribbean Animation Outsourcing and Development program. Brought on to help conduct a diagnostic and recommendation for three startup animation studios included in the Compete Caribbean Program. This included visiting each of the locations in Jamaica, Barbados and St Lucia and spending time at both the studios and affiliated training facilities in each location. Analysis and reports for the three locations were then given to help in several key areas of animation production from artistic development and training to studio infrastructure, pipelines both creative and physical and best methods and practices. Recommendations were then made on refinements to help ensure success within those environments.

RGH Entertainment  2011 - 2015 

Art Director – Art Directed the studio’s first theatrical feature ‘Postman Pat, The Movie.’ Managed the entire production pipeline working with a team of artists both in Los Angeles and Amman, from visual development thru modeling, texturing and final lighting. Was instrumental in designing the look and feel of the film while maintaining the integrity of original IP.

Development Artist/Background Painter – Helped develop original theatrical concepts from writing through visual development. Between main feature obligations he assisted as a Background Painter on the studio’s other feature productions and directed several short teasers for an IP in development. 

The Jim Henson Company 2011 - Visual Development - Artist in feature production. Created environments, color scripts, character and prop designs. 

Mila ‘short’ - 2011 - Art Director on Cinzia Angelini’s short, “Mila”. Responsible for the overall design and palette of the short. Duties include guiding the modelers with regards to design of the environments and assets required. Providing visual development paintings (primarily environments) for use through the production, and helping the other artists refine their ideas. 

Foundation 9 Entertainment 2010 - Visual Development Artist of Environments and Characters for IP’s in development. 

Mike Young Productions 2009 - Visual Development Artist for feature animation projects. 

Warner Bros On-line  2007 to May 2008 - Character animation, Character layout, and Visual Development for Warner Bros On-line projects. 

Mike Young Productions 2004 - Character designer on ‘Choose your own adventure’, ‘Bratz’ and ‘Max and the Mechanicals’ 

Dreamworks Feature Animation 1997-2002 - Character key-cleanup on all of the studio’s 2d features, The Prince of Egypt, El Dorado, Spirit and Sinbad.  

Lightspan Entertainment 1994 - Head of the Animation Clean-up department. Duties included going to China to supervise and teach.

Palomar Pictures 1992-1993 - Head of the Animation Clean-up department on “Virtual Guitar”, a 2D virtual reality game. 

Contributions as a character clean-up key on the following projects, 

Duncan Studio Assistant animator to Ken Duncan on multiple projects. James Baxter Animation ‘Enchanted’ Rich Animation ‘Swan Princess’ Dagda Animation ‘Felidae’  Coolworld ‘Coolworld’ Hyperion ‘Rover Dangerfield’ Sullivan Bluth Animation ‘A Troll in Central Park’ & ‘Thumbelina’ Universal Pictures ‘An American Tail 2: Fivel goes West’  Cartoons in the basement 'A Monkeys Tale’ Murikami Wolf  ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Film Roman ‘Simpsons Movie’ Acme Filmworks Inc. ‘Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show’ Creative Capers Ent Multiple titles for Disney Interactive Warner Bros. Various projects. 

Plus multiple commercials and small projects at studios in both England and the United States. 

Art Education 

Concept Design Academy - Environment Design - James Paick,  Entertainment Design - Carlo Arelano/James Paick 

LAAFA (Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art) - Sketching from Life - Nathan Fowkes, Animal Drawing - Joe Weatherly

Animation Institute - Figure Drawing - Advanced Figure Drawing - Head Hands and Feet - Costume and Drapery -  Storyboarding - Karl Gnass - Composition for Film - Perspective for Film - Will Weston 

Schoolism  - Color and Light for Feature Animation - Nathan Fowkes 

In 2007 Richard studied Animation with Disney’s Eric Goldberg.