Art Director . Visual Development Artist . Consultant. Educator

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Richard has worked in the Film Industry for over twenty five years specialising in Feature and Television production. His career got started working at some of London's top animation studios including working for Steven Spielberg at Amblin Animation Studios.

After gaining experience in London, Richard moved to Los Angeles and after some years at Dreamworks Animation, the industry made the transition to CG and with it Richard saw an opportunity to retrain and explore new horizons. Richard transitioned to the role of Visual Development Artist and went on to do work for several studios in that role including The Jim Henson Company.

In 2011 Richard began Art Directing feature production, collaborating on several projects where he oversaw everything from Visual Development and Colour Script through to Final Lighting. Richard's strong ability to communicate ideas to artists and help overcome artistic and technical hurdles in feature production lead him to be involved with the creative team in both Film and Television divisions within the studio, including a collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney.

More recently Richard worked with the Inter American Development Bank to bolster animation production in the Caribbean where he was a key figure in helping develop world class creative practices with a strong emphasis on training local artists to bring them to the global market.

As Art Director and Visual Development Artist, Richard continues to bring his many years of experience to the projects that he's involved with. Richard also spends time teaching and developing personal projects. He has works published in Spectrum as well as art exhibitions at the Space and Time Gallery.

In an interest to share the knowledge he has gained over the years, in 2017 Richard set up The London School of Figure Drawing. 

Clients include;

Acme Filmworks Inc  |  Amblin Animation |  Animus Productions |  Cartoons in the Basement  |  Coolworld  |  Creative Capers Ent  |  Dagda Animation  |  Dreamworks Feature Animation  |  Duck Studios  |  Felix Films  |  Film Roman  |  Grandslam  |  Hibbert Ralph  |  James Baxter Animation  |  Jim Henson Productions |  Klasky Chupo  |  Lightspan Entertainment  |  Mike Young Productions  |  Murikami Wolf  |  Palomar Pictures  |  Purdum Productions  |  RGH Entertainment  |  Rich Animation  |  Stardust West  |  Starz Media  |  Sullivan Bluth Animation  |  Tony Collingwood Productions  |  TVC  |  Universal Pictures  |  Warner Bros Animation  |  Warner Bros OnLine  |  Wicked Witch


Some of the projects Richard has been involved with.