The Essence of Life Drawing (6 weeks)

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The essence of Life drawing.jpg

The Essence of Life Drawing (6 weeks)


Tuesday, 6th November - Tuesday, 11th December 7-10pm

Frogmore Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead

Life Drawing can be exciting but it can also be intimidating! If we have a process we can rely on we’ll find we can move freely with the skill to be able to explore more and hopefully communicate in a more meaningful way.  

Over the six weeks we'll look at the different stages for developing a solid drawing process through a variety of techniques, lectures and demos. We will look at and develop our sense for Observation, Gesture, Design Language, Foreshortening and Composition as well as looking how anatomical markers can help us understand the relationships between the parts to form a whole. 

Using these solid foundational principles I want to look at what is at the 'heart' of a good drawing and why great artists make the choices they do. While we draw from the model we will face the same challenges they faced and we'll look at how we can problem solve through applying those principles. While we will look at some of the core ideas about Anatomy, this is not the Anatomy class I usually teach and I'm hoping this will be enlightening to both new and old students alike. 
This will include drawing time with a model as we explore these ideas.

This class is open to artists of all levels and will be the last session of the year so I do hope you'll join me in this exciting class!

Frogmore Paper Mill, Fourdrinier Way, Apsley, Hertfordshire, HP3 9RY

Please use the Durrant’s Hill Road public carpark (pay and display)

*Please note, should we not meet minimum enrolment within 72 hours of the first class there is a chance the class will be cancelled in which case you will be refunded the full amount.

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